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Fonts Manager 字体管理器 2.0.7


  1. Update 2.0.7

    • Fixed a security issue that would allow for script injection in Webfonts Blacklist Mode.
  2. Version 2.0.6


    • Fixed an error that caused the installer to fail installing some addons, if the server has no file write permission.
    • Fixed an error that caused the installer to fail installing or updating some addons with database tables.
    There is no need to install this update, if you're running the latest version (2.0.5).
  3. Increased File Size Limit & Upload Fix

    • Increased maximum File Size for uploading local fonts to 10Mb. (Do yourself and your users a favor though and try to stay away from fonts that large.)
    • Fixed a bug that would sporadically prevent users from uploading certain fonts exceeding random file size limitations or being in some name schemata. All files not exceeding 10Mb in .woff-format should now work without problems.
    • Included reason for failed upload into "No file found"-Error page for clarification...
  4. UTF-8 Support for Font Titles & More

    • UTF-8 Font Titles now work as intended
    • It is now possible to edit font titles. This requires you to hit the "Edit Mode" button in the fonts menu and accept some unnecessary warnings, just in case.
    • Fonts that have a display position 0 will now be hidden from the editor but stay available throughout the site.
    • An error with the new blacklist/whitelist system that occured when updating from previous versions has been resolved. Steps mentioned in update 1.0.0b are no longer...
  5. Fonts Manager 字体管理器

    Includes the file of the latest update (Come on XenForo, I wouldn't have uploaded a new file if I didn't want you to change the old one