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科技 [图]关于 reCAPTCHA 验证码

本帖由 漂亮的石头2013-02-17 发布。版面名称:新闻聚焦

  1. 漂亮的石头

    漂亮的石头 版主 管理成员

    验证码大家每天都会见到,可是你会想到当你每次不耐烦的输入一个单词的时候都为人类做出了一点贡献吗?验证码(CAPTCHA)或者叫做全自动区分计算机和人类的图灵测试(Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart),使我们上网的人每天都可以见到的,而它的作用除了防止垃圾注册或者评论以外还有别的吗?来自Google的reCAPTCHA(上图)告诉 我们,你其实还可以为人类做贡献。
    国外很多下载站用到下面这种验证码,它其实是 Google 提供的 reCAPTCHA 服务(link),可以免费申请和使用。
    # Jimmy Liye 同学翻译了 Google reCAPTCHA 的部分说明(原文:放了这只验证码吧):
    The Hreckinridge’ and Lane Democrats, having taken courage at the recent eastern advises, are [xxxxxxxxxx] energetically for the campaign: Several prominent Democrats who at first favoredDonoLea, are coming out. for the other aide, apparently under the [xxxxxxxx] of Federal [xxxxxxxxx]. An address to the National Democracy of ,1ifornia, urging the party to supportHaeeslipslDas, has recently been published, which manifestlybss strengthened that aide of the [xxxxxxxxx]: It is signed by 65 Democrats, many of whom occupy respectab e and prominent positions in the party, 22 of them are Federal office-holders,[xxxxx] more are recipients of Federal patronage, and the others represent a mass of politicians giving the document [xxxx][xxxxxx] mTheDcu8las Democrats are also active The Irish and German vote will mostly go with ths# branch of the party, but it is[xxxxxxxxx] to [xxxxxxxx] [xxxxx] [xxxx] [xx] the stronger. Thus far 17 IT newspapers have declared for DonGres, 13 for Base$- IaaIDGS and 9 remain non-committal, with even chances of going either way. Under these circumstances the Republicans entertain not unjustifiable hopes that the Democratic divisions may be so equal,- ly balanced as to give the State [xx] LIaCOLV.Same very [xxxxxxx] Bell and Everett meetings have been held in different parts of the State, bat thus far that party does not exhibit much rank sad ale air en.​
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    The New-York State yacht Squadron, on its annual cruise to Newport came into the harbor yesterday afternoon. The following are the names of the boats that came to anchor here: Jessie, gera loliv erelun Annie, Mannering, Julia, Bonita, Magic wut, Rambler, floumblie, Henrietta, Sea-Drift and Maria, with the steamer America as a tender. On anchoring each boat fired a gun, according to custom. The reports were heard distinctly in the city, causing considerable inquiry as to “what was up,” and quite a number of sanguine individuals came into our office to inquire if the guns were not annunciatory signals of the successful laying of the Atlantic Cable. We invariably replied in the negative. The squadron will leave to-day for Newport. The yachts Washington and buub r of this city, start with it, with parties of New Haven people.​
    了解和申请 reCAPTCHA :www.google.com/recaptcha